Non-Profit Perks

After not flying for over two years, our first flight with extra perks like lounge passes, 4 free check-ins, and free Wi-Fi on board is a nice credit card perk to help us manage the added tolerance of masking throughout a very full flight and the irony that everyone takes off their masks at the same time to eat and drink during their snack and drink service.

Anyway, let’s take advantage of the free Wi-Fi to start this post about the perks of being a non-profit or a recognized charitable organization. Did you know that many software companies give discounts to non-profits? Here are a few of the free ones I’ve found out about so far, many of which require verification via a registered business number or via Tech Soup.

Other tools that are free to use for individuals and small teams:

While I wish there is some sort of group of similarly minded people locally to exchange tips and best practices, there is a smattering of Facebook groups that try to achieve the same purpose.

Are there others that I’ve missed?

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