The day we had our first broken bone…

With an unusually cold and snowy Christmas in BC this year, the kids had a couple of opportunities to play outside in the snow. This morning, my sister and brother-in-law took the kids tobogganing with my brother and two others while j.w and I opted to stay behind (inside in the warmth). I didn’t really come prepared for snow and ice, so I left behind my snow and waterproof gear; instead, I opted to stay to make lunch instead. As I started through lunch prep, I got a message from my sister that Bean hurt herself so she might send her back.

No biggie I thought, as it sounded fairly minor and Bean is sometimes known to be a bit dramatic. It turns out, it was worse than my sister initially thought. She had turned her back to help Bean’s brother and didn’t realize the plastic sled they borrowed from a friend was much faster than the magic carpets and toboggan; she also didn’t see Bean and her daughter go down on it and fly into a chain fence. Thankfully, her daughter was wearing a ski helmet and was fine despite bumping her head. Somehow, Bean managed to scrape her elbow, get a large bump on her forehead, and her ankle became quite swollen fairly immediately.

Grateful that my brother-in-law has some medical background (incl as a practicing nurse) and was able to quickly evaluate both visually and did some motion tests. My sister called me as he was going to take one of us and Bean to the community hospital (I’d say similar to St. Mary’s vs Grand River). Daddy accompanied her and they saw her fairly fast compared to what I can expected, and x-rays confirmed what my brother-in-law and his medical friends suspected to be a fracture. I’m amazed that the hospital sent her home with a pair of crutches and taught her how to use it too at no additional cost to us.  A follow-up appointment is supposed to happen later this week, which I will be a boot fitting or a more permanent cast, as it looks fairly temporary right now (two halves held together by a tensor bandage).

As I shared this news with a few friends early on, PT sent me a news article that said a 10-year old died in Ottawa from a toboganning accident earlier today! What sad news for their family especially during Christmas.

Bean came home looking tired but in good spirits as she showed off her three legs. Things could’ve been worse today, but we are thankful that the outlook is good after 6-8 weeks of healing and inconvenience (and hopefully they will go elsewhere next time; it’s a pretty bad spot with the fence at the end since an adult and a teen also hit it pretty hard today too. My sister’s family used to go when they were younger when they didn’t have the weight and momentum and the fence was never a threat). We know God was and is with us through this and I suppose it makes for a good story.

PS. She seems to be doing much better during the day but it was a rough first night. Praying nights will get better.

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