[Dream] Time travel

My extended family were outside having a meal around a long picnic table on someone’s newly purchased property. One of us looked up to see a woman swinging high on a tree at the neighbour’s house. The chatter quieted down, as we had heard rumors about this neighbour.

Shortly after, the male head of the house came out to greet us, along with a number of people in their household. He looked aged, like he had a number of years behind him. We all got up, including my grandparents (my grandfather was not bed bound but still had mobility challenges, whom I wondered if they would be able to follow as they spoke minimal English). He started welcoming us, and there was elementary piano music in the background so he would pause every so often. At first, I thought it was part of it but then it didn’t seem to time it well with what he was trying to say. And I was thinking to myself, can someone tell Bean to stop practicing piano? [That was real life interjecting into my dream!] Did he also say that he was 9000 years old???

Somehow a few of us were in their house — they must have invited us in. I was talking to a younger woman, who was telling me about their history of their family and how they travel through parellel universes. I briefly wondered if we would see ourselves if we were in the house and would travel through time too. When we saw coyotes or something around the perimeter, she told me to hold onto her flute so she could check on them and just disappeared (like evaporated!).

I held the flute and was talking to someone in my group of people about what had just happened. And I told them not to press anything. He pressed a note and I was saying, “don’t touch that!” and then I disappeared and found myself elsewhere, in a room that looked like there was a translucent canvas screen blocking a TV screen facing a window, with silhouettes and shadows of what was happening in the world outside.

There were kids and young adults and other adults moving about in the house. Felt like a party. A young Asian man talked to me…and my memory is in fragments and now lost.

(for me, dreams seem to be the most vivid after a morning awakening. Also I don’t generally like time travel or parallel universe genres so not sure what happened there)

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