Round Two

Well, it was my turn. I can’t say for certain that it was from the church retreat, but it probably wasn’t surprising. Although I and the kids spent much of my daytime hours outdoors enjoying the water and nature, we interacted very closely with many people, more than in the past few years, without wearing masks. Who knows if it was from eating or playing board games together, or hanging out with people that were sick but had tested negative leading up to the retreat, or maybe it wasn’t even from the church retreat! Maybe it was from me standing in line waiting for our burger orders at Webers Grill (which was moving fairly quickly and there was a lot of open-air circulation) — I was the only one wearing a mask. Regardless, we went on Friday, and my throat started feeling a bit off on Monday evening.

So, my throat feeling off is nothing short of unusual. I feel like it was off every few weeks during the winter and spring, whether due to environmental irritants (i.e. we live in a construction zone) or fighting whatever germs our children bring home from school. Sometimes it’s because the furnace filter needs to be changed. I tested anyway, and it was negative.

Tuesday, true symptoms start and Wednesday, my daughter complains of cough and cold symptoms so because I’m a little fascinated with data at times, here’s the progression:

MondayIrritated throat starts in the eveningNegative (Day -1) N/AN/A
TuesdayMorning: Ticklish throat, chills (AC may have contributed to it)
Afternoon: progressed to a feeling of unwell and aches (wanted to just go home for the day and when I did I just went straight to nap) but my throat seemed better
Evening: mild fever (37.8C) with chills and feeling hot
Negative (Day 0)N/AN/A
WednesdaySame overall, fatigue and occasional cough; took a nap and slept earlier than usualDidn’t test (school guidance is that two negative tests within 24-48 = you are less likely to have covid)Nasal congestion, runny nose and occasional cough (exact symptoms as all the other times during the school year); napped. I didn’t test her. Missed her opportunity to break a board at TKDDidn’t test yet (Day 0)
ThursdayBody aches continue, took a nap after lunch for a couple of hours, and found myself moaning through it for some reasonPositive (Day 2)Just an occasional cough, no more runny nose; napped. Slightly more coughing at night. Asked j.w to test her.Positive (Day 1)
FridayStarted to sneeze and have a runny nose
First day that my energy returned
Didn’t need a nap and went back to being a night owl; couldn’t fall asleep because I felt congested and my nose was super stuffed up which affected my ability to breathe through my nose and smell
Day 3Same symptoms as the previous day
Both kids stayed home from school. Bean didn’t nap but the younger one did (he usually can though)
Day 2Little Brother had morning sniffles which didn’t seem to appear again throughout the day. j.w tested himself too (just for fun?)Negative
SaturdayLower appetite. Felt relatively normal other than the occasional ticklish nose, sneezing, runny nose, watery eyes, and cough — now it just feels like I’ve come down with a new cold that I caught from Bean! I think Tylenol Cold & Flu have been helping to minimize these symptomsDay 4Same symptoms as previous dayDay 3It’s really hard to keep him away from me or his sister so I’m surprised he hasn’t caught it yet (case in point, one night, he wandered out from the spare bedroom – probably disoriented – and immediately resumed sleeping in the hallway floor so I had to carry him back)

Occasional sniffles and a cough or two but within the normal range (if we weren’t on heightened sensitivity)
(Day -1)
SundayDay 5Day 4Sounds a bit congested with a definite coughNegative (Day 0)
MondayFirst day of free from isolation, except should still wear masks around peopleDay 6She is disappointed that she has to miss the last day of school and TKD. She had written a letter to God asking if she could get better before the last day of school. That was before she knew about the screener policy and that the first day was only Day 0Day 5Persistent daytime dry cough. Sometimes interrupts sleep.Didn’t test.
(Day 1)
TuesdayFirst day of freedomDay 6Frequent dry coughing spellsFaint line. Positive.
(Day 2)

It’s really kind of amazing how much better the younger one fared — hers being more like an inconvenient cold vs. the extended flu for me (flu symptoms progressing to a cold):

  • Fever ✔️and/or chills✔️
  • Cough ✔️ or barking cough
  • Decrease of smell ✔️ (but only because of stuffy nose)
  • Muscle aches ✔️ / joint pain
  • Extreme tiredness ✔️
  • Sore throat ✔️
  • Runny or stuffy/congested nose ✔️
  • Headache ✔️ (but that is probably due to tension aches)

Thankfully, I didn’t encounter nausea, vomiting and/or diarrhea or shortness of breath yet, and it wasn’t much more severe than this. Though all of these symptoms describe the flu, and actually when I finally tested positive, it was somewhat of a relief, as it gave me a diagnosis: it explained the bleh I was feeling PLUS I felt reassured that I wasn’t swabbing wrong. Grateful that j.w stayed healthy, so he was able to cover making many of the meals and he figured that we didn’t need to isolate from him completely or wear a mask around him since he likely has some immunity (especially annoying when our noses are running already). And on a positive note, we hope we have better immunity now for travelling to and spending time with family and friends at my brother’s wedding soon!

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